Introducing Genaissance de la Mer – The Serum Essence

La Mer introduces an exceptional skincare experience, inspired by the sea and an unending search for perfection. It begins with a divine discovery, inciting a transformative journey from age into agelessness. 


The Serum Essence, the groundbreaking first treatment within the new Genaissance de la Mer Collection, is born of the extraordinarily pure Crystal Miracle Broth™, which accelerates skin’s natural renewal process.   Lines and wrinkles appeardiminished, skin’s texture is visibly smoothed, natural collagen and elastin is enhanced, pores are refined and skin’s barrier is strengthened.  Over time rejuvenation becomes reality, as skin appearsvisibly reborn.

The creation began three years ago when a scientist at the Max Huber Research Labs in New York found pure and perfect crystals forming in a beaker of Miracle Broth™.  It took years and countless experiments to recreate this phenomenon that is at the core of Genaissance de la Mer.  Pairingprecious Crystal Miracle Broth™ with rare marine ingredients and state-of-the art technology, Genaissance de La Mer infuses skin with the life-generating energies of the sea, helping it look visibly renewed.


Genaissance de La Mer is a luxurious, silky serum essence crafted for exceptional absorption.  A truly indulgent experience, in moments the highly concentrated and sensorial treatment penetrates, delivering exceptional actives and immediately infusing skin with a new look of life. Day by day renewal is accelerated and the complexion looks moreeven, lustrous and crystal clear.

Inspired by the warm color of Crystal Miracle Broth™, the sensuous champagne-gold flacon was crafted to envelop this most precious formula. Just a small window reveals the exquisite serum essence within.  The elegant pipette was fashioned to precisely dispense each drop of the serum essence, a design reminiscent of a cellar-master drawing wine from a barrel to taste.


Crystal Miracle Broth
The Crystal Miracle Broth™, the purest concentration of Miracle Broth™, is slow-crafted in extremely small batches to reach its ultimate potency. It infuses the skin with a burst of sustained energy helping to renew the look of skin with potent speed. The Crystal Miracle Broth™ provides an explosion of energy, fighting visible irritation and supporting skin’s natural healing powers.


The Genaissance™ Ferment

The Genaissance Ferment is built around a rare PomPom Red Algae that is a powerhouse naturally found in the shallow waters around Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea.  La Mer uses a sustainableform of this algae,which is intensively cultivated in a bioreactor that accelerates its growth rate and produces ahigh quality and purer form  of the PomPom Red Algae than found in the wild.Thealgae is then combined with wavelengths of natural light to create a highly active ferment that helps to boost natural collagen and elastin, in turn helping significantly firm and lift the look of skin.


The Smooth Finish Ferment

The Smooth Finish Ferment features Sweeping Leaf Brown Algae, called Laminariasaccharina along with the “retinol of the sea,” to help deliver key actives deep within the skin’s surface.  The new dual-action refining ferment helps to accelerate skin’s natural renewal, resulting in pores that appear strengthened andrefined and skin that appears radiantly polished and plump.


Original Miracle Broth™

Dr. Max Huber’s original divine discovery was 50 years ago. After being burned in a laboratory accident, he began a quest to heal the look of his skin using physics and the sea’s vital energy.  After more than 6,000 experiments and 12 years of tireless research, he achieved the discovery of a lifetime – Miracle Broth was born.  To create this vital essence, La Mer meticulously bio-ferments sea kelp with other naturally derived ingredients over the course of 3-4 months. The energies of light and sound are embedded into this unique fermentation process to amplify the benefits of the ingredients within.

Genaissance de la Mer – the Serum Essence sparks a change immediately.  A true global ageless serum that helps to improve the look of all signs of aging, day by day transforming the look of your skin.  Use today, tomorrow, for a lifetime.

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