About Beauty & Books


Photo by: Lutske Veenstra, Renault Twingo Event


I am Sherry Hussain, born on 2 February 19.. something. I live in a small town on earth, the Netherlands!  My hobbies are writing, painting, drawing and I love to watch mangas  with my little sister Yusra.  Dragonballz is my favourite manga all time.  I work as a blogger at the biggers  library in the Netherlands Oba.nl I am also a law student. I  am author of the book: Sara& Fayzan: een liefde vol illusie. This book has been translated to English so soon my book will be available all over the world. And my second book will be released soon.


My little sister Yusra will help me with book reviews. We got a lot to read!!  Yusra is 16 years old. She loves to read, draw and watch anime with me. She also loves nail polishes. Watch their tutorials and book reviews soon.

Deborah Dekker(31)  will be doing mother and child articles. She has a baby girl and will write about motherhood and children.

Sometimes Seth(29), he does not want to tell his last name, will help us with book reviews and fashion for men.

We will keep you updated. Have fun!!!!!!!!






e-mail: Virtualbeauty@journalist.com


Postbus 90256

1006 BG Amsterdam

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