Review: Stage H-Definition cover

I love stageline products. Today I am going to review the stage H- Definition cover. Read on please.

definition cover


The definition cover has a round package! It is a little creamy(  I love creamy covers).


You can use the cover with a sponge or a brush. I use it with a brush.


Many of you know that I have acne. During this weather my skin is irritating me very much. Due to some reasons my skin has become very flaky. When you put foundation on it, it irritates me more and you can see more acne on my skin. So I discovered the stage line products. They are very good.  This H-definition cover can be used as foundation or you can mix it with your own foundation(liquid). For more coverage. Very handy if you have a flaky  skin with acne.

I First put on my moisturizer. After ten minutes I blend the cover with my brush on my skin. It blends very well. Almost all my acne was gone. Because of his creamy orgin the flakiness disspeared on my skin. If you want more covarage use the fluid make up foundation of stage line.  After putting on the definition cover you will clearly notice that using the definition cover is like putting magic on your skin: a acne free skin with a natural look. It was very natural on my face. I would call this make-up magical! I would definitly recommend this h-definition cover to everyone.

Buy this at Stage Line Cosmetics.