Interview Andrea Rosso Diesel



Yesterday we told you about Liam Hermsworth to be the new face of Diesel.  Today an interview with Andrea Rosso the creative director of Diesel licenses.



Why choose Liam Hemsworth as the new face?

How does he fit perfectly to Diesel Only the Brave? He is a very good-looking guy, confident and he knows what he wants. This is what makes him perfect for Diesel Only the Brave.

What is the message of this new campaign?

It’s about bravery and fear and their relationship. They could seem opposite but really, they are connected: one cannot exist without the other. When we are blocked by fear and lack of self-confidence, that’s the exact moment we need to rise: we are called to be brave.

What does Diesel Only The Brave represent for you?

This fragrance is based on a balance between different notes: the first impression is the fresh infusion of cedar and rosemary but immediately after you’re taken into a more inclusive and sensorial experience thanks to warm ingredients like amber and labdanum. Everything ends with the material sensations of leather. To me it’s this expression of the essence of the human feelings that makes Diesel Only The Brave so different.


How would you describe the Only The Brave philosophy?

Dynamism is the source of bravery in everyone’s DNA. Movement generates life, it makes us go forward through all daily challenges.

Who is your icon of bravery?

Images, symbols, people are icons. I believe the icons I was driven to when I was younger are different than today. Now, I am more based on my feelings and experiences rather than in somebody’s else choices. I truly believe that everyone can be an icon by showing bravery in everyday life, from a celebrity to a friend in real life.

What has been your biggest act of bravery?

Bravery is personal for everyone. There is no act too big or too small. I can say, running a marathon or even standing in front of a huge crowd were brave moments for me.


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