Review: Jojoba oil

I often use oil under my make up. I have tried so many oils. But lately there aren’t many good oils on the market. During a family visit in London I went to the Holland and Barret and saw jojoba oil  in the shop. I was wondering what it was. The shopkeeper told me this is one of the best oils. You can use it on your face. I was curious and bought this oil. Curious what I think about this oil? Read one please…..

PureAustralian30ml_GB_F-01 (1)

I have an oily skin, put lately I have pores on my face. This pores makes my face look dry after I wear make-up. I tried the jojoba oil on my face. It makes my skin feel soft. After that I used my Chanel foundation. My God my face looked so smooth and I didn’t see my dry spots on my face. My make-up looked more natural than it did before. And my make-up last longer. You can also mix Chanel matt lumiere foundation with the jojoba oil. What is the secret of your shiny hair people ask me regularly? I now will respond on them: jojoba oil.

100%NaturalAustralianJojoba (2)

I also use the oil on my hair. You only need a few drops. Do not make your hair fully wet with six spoons or somehting. You only need a few drops maximum one spoon for the best result.  I put it on in the morning and let it stay till the next morning . This yellow Australian oil makes my hair look shiny, volumized, thick and makes it feel soft. Oh and for the people who dye their hair. It also makes your outgrowth look lighter. My hair is brown and I dyed it blonde. Everythime when I had outgrowth and I didin’t want to dy the hair anymore. I used the jojoba oil to make my outgrowth lighter. It maked it blonde again without dying. This is one of the best results to make your hair naturally lighter.

You can use it everywhere on your face, hair , eyebrows. The jojoba oil is the best oil I have ever used. I would definitly recommend this oil to everyone.


100 % natural oil!


Buy this at  Holland and Barret for £16.49

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